Art Action donates 20% of each sale to the association People Of the Water.

OUR VISION : catalysing art

Art Action, virtual shopping gallery was born from an ambition to use art as a catalyst for immediate change. We carefully select one association per year which works daily in the field with concrete local initiatives in order to obtain direct effects on the preservation of the environment. More than a collected piece of art, a symbol of your contribution to this great cause.

The Art Action initiative was born in 2020 in the principality of Monaco. It was important for the artist Beli, creator of this digital space, to provide a platform dedicated both to art and to the small, little-known associative structures that are in action. Art is unifying, it transmits messages, emotions, it was also time for artworks to be springboards for a sustainable ecosystem.

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Contact Us

Art Action wishes to contribute on its own scale by converting your purchases and artistic favorites into concrete actions on the ground through donations donated to an association per year. Having fun while having a significant impact for small non-profit organizations is essential.

For us, it is about following the principle of the hummingbird who does his part, who contributes on his scale and if he inspires enough, ends up generating a positive wave of change. By moving towards realistic projects on a human scale, we will grow together.

How does it work ?


Collection of donations

Your donation to People of the Water represents 20% of the amount of the works you buy. The total amount of your donation will appear when your basket is validated.


Redistribution to the association

All donations collected are redistributed to People of the Water. You are the impact on the world around you.


Together, we act.

Following your participation, the association tells us what it has managed to accomplish thanks to your support. You will also receive, if you subscribe to our newsletter, information on the actions carried out.

Certified artworks

All works are checked, delivered and certified by Art Action.

Secure payments

You can securely pay for your order by credit card, Paypal or bank transfer.


We deliver worldwide via specialized carriers.