The association you help

Art Action carefully selects one association per year that works daily in the field with concrete local initiatives to obtain direct effects on the preservation of the environment.
Each contribution will significantly impact the well-being and preservation of sharks, which are a key link in the marine ecosystem.


People of the water

Mission of the association

People of the Water (POW) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to changing people’s relationship with our aquatic world through exploration, education, and conservation.
Founded by Cristina Zenato after twenty-five years of living and working in the Bahamas, contributing to significant projects to protect oceans, sharks, and caves, People of the Water aims to widen the conduction and distribution of training, education, research, and studies relating to water, ocean and environmental issues, affecting both the people and the animals of said environments.

Every contribution is valuable and will have a significant impact.

Thanks to you, Cristina and her team will continue to save sharks by removing hooks stuck in their jaws and educating students through online training.
The 20% donated will be used to finance very expensive equipment (mesh suits, measuring devices) to carry out scientific research on sharks.

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Projects of the association :


Underwater explorations aim to discover new depths, caves and organisms in order to analyze and inspire other scientific divers to do this practice. The ocean is vast, and man has admired only a tiny part of it. Exploration missions could lead to significant scientific discoveries.


Education has the power to change people’s perception and behaviour in the long run. Transmitting undersea learning and experience to sharks is essential to changing the spectrum. The shark is not a sea monster and we still have so much to learn from this magnificent predator.


Preserving our environment is essential to our survival. We have a duty to care and to act with respect for our global ecosystem and to promote a more sustainable balance between man and nature. It is therefore necessary to evolve towards a respect for oneself, for others and for all living animal or plant species that cohabit and share the same house: EARTH.

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